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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
5:51 pm
Just me
Even though I do not use this site often, I still want to keep my account, so on that note who ever is the one trying to take over my account please stop asking and don't try to trick me to reset my password. I'm not that stupid.

I suggest you give up as I will not give you my account.

Thursday, December 6th, 2001
7:54 pm
Hey look, he's alive
Well I haven't updated in a long time. The cam has been down for just about 1 week now, I tore my computer room apart anticipating a new computer desk, but it took a tad longer to get it, My computer room is still a big mess as there are alot of cables to place. I have 2 computers on one desk and a 3rd pc on another desk.
I will update more later. Now it's time for survivor.
If you would like me to try to be on the cam more, send me an ICQ asking me so.

Friday, August 10th, 2001
10:39 pm
I have been working a lot of overtime this week, Usually I work 37.5 hours, but this week I did 50.75 hours, that is not including the extra 5 hours I did this evening.
I have been working in the computing stockroom, shipping computers to the warehouse, and in the process I managed to injure both my wrists, nothing serious just in pain, Wednesday I lifted a monitor (21") and my right wrist did a nice loud crack and I dropped the monitor, good thing I had it only 1 inch off the ground when that happened. It's fine now, it just scared me on the spot. My left wrist hurts the most though, it's been tender since Wednesday morning. I good weekend of relaxing my wrists should be good.

Tomorrow I am driving my motorcycle to a co-workers place, it's a 2 hour drive, we will be replacing the steering head bearings, and adjusting the timing chain, we'll probably do a quick tune up as well. This guy used to be a mechanic for 15 years so that's a good thing.

Last night I met Chirstyn I have known her for 2 years through ICQ. I find she is even better looking in person, she has a very nice personality, I like her, and I am looking forward to possibly seeing her again. I am not totally sure what she thinks of me but my impression is that she likes me, I'm not sure on what level though. I think if anything she will be a good friend, we are already friends through the Internet. I believe that there is a difference between online friends and personal friends, though it's a very small difference that I can't quite understand yet.

That's all for now, until next time, May the sun of happiness shine upon you.
Thursday, August 9th, 2001
8:52 am
Gee, I have totally forgotten about writing my journal, It's been a long time.

Work has been crazy lately, one of my co-workers was on holidays last week, and I had to do his job as well as mine, not too bad, I was able to keep my head over water. He's back but my other co-worker is now on holidays, she is gone for about 1 month or so. Since she is gone I worked one evening until 20:30 and last night until 21:45
Packing up computers to ship them back to the warehouse, I think I have injured my wrist lifting all these machines.
I have a stack of work to do now, I think it's safe to say I'm sinking now. I am falling behind, but I am not going to hinder my social life for work. If they want the work done on time they'll just have to re-hire someone. They have let go 75% of our team.
I am supposed to meet a friend this evening, I sure hope that the plans follow through this evening and that don't get canceled as they have in the past.

Well, I must really be getting back to work.
Perhaps more later
Sunday, June 17th, 2001
10:47 pm
Long time no post, Lots new.
I've been fighting with Rogers@home for the past 2 weeks. I finally got fed up of the yo-yo service that I have been getting for the past 2 years. I discovered which of my neighbours has the service as well and when I call Rogers I have them check his modem at the same time, which shows that it's not just my modem but rather one of the repeaters or cables between the tap and the smt. Hopefully they will fix that soon.
I decided to go introduce myself to that person, I went at 7pm Friday, and we started chatting and he had a bunch of friends from the area come over and I ended up meeting like 10 people, and I can actually remember all their names. I got back at home at 1:30am and I hadn't had dinner.
Tomorrow I will go introduce myself to all the other neighbours and tell them about the "get together" that I am planning to have in a common area on Saturday. Just to have all the neighbours know each other more.

I stopped by my neighbours tonight ( the one I met Friday, he's like 8 doors down) when I got back from my fathers place and I noticed my neighbour's wife was having a problem with her BBQ. (this was the neighbour right next to my place) What we could make out is that she was having problems with the propane tank, all I could see is that she is holding a black hose in her hand and she is playing with the valve, and we could hear a loud hissing sound. Eventually she gave up playing with it and left it, that is to drain all this highly explosive gas into the air, and then we could smell this stench. I was just praying to god that no one would exit their house with a cigarette in their mouth, it would have been a nice mess. I eventually circled around back into my house, it didn't smell at all and didn't think much of it. I went to my room to clean and got extremely tired extremely fast. I don't know of there were fumes in the air or what, but I went to sleep and slept 3 hours. And I could not wake up, I was so tired.

Well now it's late and I'm still tired, so I'm going off to bed.
Wednesday, June 13th, 2001
5:38 pm
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Sunday, June 10th, 2001
11:47 pm
Well this was a pretty uneventful weekend. We had really nice weather. I cleaned all my windows, Hurt my thumb in the process then got vinegar on my wound, that didn't help one bit.

I haven't been on my motorcycle in quite some time. I have to get it running again. It doesn't work at this time.

I've re-installed diablo 2 and I've been playing it online, that is when my cable modem works, I've been having a lot of probs with the service since I have it installed (1 year now)
I just sold my soul on soulXchange, you can see/purchase it here

I have now 2 additional job functions at work. I now "manage" the stock room, I keep it clean, wrap the skids when there are enough PC to ship back to the warehouse (usually 4 to 6 systems), Also it seems as though major moves are now re-starting because they are closing a number of buildings in the Ottawa area. For those who don't know I work in the IS department at Nortel. I take care of coordinating the installation of PC's for new employees or returning PC's to the warehouse when someone has left the company.
Thursday, June 7th, 2001
12:21 pm
Well I started to be more active physically. It feels good. Every evening if it's not raining I go bicycling for an hour or so, then I come home eat, do some computer stuff, then at 9pm i go out for a walk, when I get home I do exercises to get stronger. The main reason for all this is that I went rock climbing last wednesday and I really enjoyed it but I noticed that I need to get a bit stronger so I've been working out.

Work is good. I now take care of the stock room as well, so I sort of have 2 desks in 2 different locations, and I get to choose where I want to be and when.

On another note. I haven't heard from that so called friend of mine. I guess she doesn't consider me her friend. There was no apology or message for monday, I had offered to take her out for her B-day, but I never got confirmation and she never called back. I don't hate her, I don't think she's a b*** either, I'm just disappointed and a little mad. I guess I'm just not very high on her friends list. I was simply expecting to meet her and get to know her better nothing more. Oh well, what can I say...If she doesn't want to meet me, then we won't meet. She doesn't owe it to me to meet me, but a sign of life would be nice.

Well enough complaining for today.
Back to work I go.
Monday, June 4th, 2001
10:45 pm
Very quick entry. I am disappointed and angry at someone that I thought was my friend.
Tuesday, May 29th, 2001
9:44 pm
I've missed a few days, I've been so preoccupied lately. I've been wanting to ride my new bicycle but we've had so much rain in the past week, And today was just cold. This is some crazy weather.
I fixed the power locks in my car about 2 weeks ago, this weekend I looked into fixing the wipers in my car. I removed the cover to get to the switch, and mysteriously they now work perfectly. The only thing left to fix is the track seatbelt. I took apart the reel only to find the cable all twisted and mangled inside the reel. Unfortunately they don't sell just the cable. The sell the whole unit and it's like 600 smackers. I guess I'll have to pull a macguiver.

On another note, I have gotten a lot of good comments on my web site. It took me a long time to make all the graphics but they turned out good.
I want to re-program the code for my page so I cam make future changes more easily. But I'm waiting to meet a friend so that she can show me how to do it. I'll be patient and keep waiting.

More to follow at a later time. My mind is now mush, been so tired lately...can't think..
Saturday, May 19th, 2001
2:28 am
It's 2:30am I just got in. I went out right after work.

I'm so tired now. I'll update more tomorrow....errr....later today.
Wednesday, May 16th, 2001
11:18 pm
Great Day today.

I'm not exactly sure why though. I arrived at work at about 11 this morning, I had an appointment to go to. I got in, was starving so I had lunch at 12. Just when I was ready to start working after lunch, My machine lost it's network connection. So I went downstairs to see what was up, and it turns out that the UPS (the device that regulates the electricity and removes electrical spikes) decided that today was it's last day. Apparently it literally burnt out, I was told that it smelt like roasted electronics in that room. So because of this one device all the servers in the server room lost power as well as the NCC (Network Control Center) All routers lost power. That was today's excitement at work.

I bought a cell phone this evening, It's pretty cool, it has a lot of built in games.
Great for when you're driving your car (I'm kidding of course).
I'm still having fun with my web page. It's taking me a long time because I'm creating all the graphics, I'm getting there. The sizing of the actual pictures is the hard part.

Star trek Voyager was pretty good, not the best I can't wait to see the finale, I hope I get to watch the finale in the company of a friend of mine. I'll just wait and see.
I read up on the new series of star trek today, Apparently they have started production, it's called ENTERPRISE and the captain is going to be the guy from quantum leap.
Check out the info on startrek.com

Basically that's my day in a wrap. Off to bed to prepare for another installment of life....
Monday, May 14th, 2001
10:58 pm
I came home tonight with aching legs. I did so much walking around at work today, I'm not used to that. Also that at one point today I had 2 laptops with me, the full leather bag with all the accessories. My legs aren't used to the weight. Oh well they will get stronger with time.
On Friday I offered to give my co worker a hand to catchup on her workload, yeah bad idea. I offered to close all her 20 zillion old work orders, I thought it would have been easy, How wrong I was, I had to go audit almost every work order, some of them took me forever to figure out exactly what was done and what I needed to do to make sure I updated the database correctly. So it took me all day and I only got 1 building done, I still have 2 to do, but they aren't as big, Or at least I don't think so.
[knock on wood]

I also did some weekly cleaning tonight, to add insult to injury, my legs were in more pain when I quit cleaning.

Well Tonight I go to bed earlier.
Sunday, May 13th, 2001
11:31 pm
Very quick entry tonight.
I had a good weekend. I finally finished with my VHS tapes, they are all put away now,
all the blank tapes in one cabinet and the "keep" stuff in the other.

For mothers day I went to my father's for lunch, my grandmother was there. Her voice tends to give me a headache. And she talks a lot. I guess old age does that to a person. but I'm sure she doesn't mean to talk that much.

Then I went to see my mother, Oddly enough she wanted to go to HOOTERS for dinner. Nice place, Good food too.

I worked on my page tonight. The basic outlook is done. I'm just working of creating all the graphics. there is about 38 images to be put on my page. They are all small images, so it shouldn't hinder loading time too much. I think I'll test it from work tomorrow.

Anyhoo, bed time for me.
good night all.
Thursday, May 10th, 2001
10:28 pm
Well I'm feeling a bit better. Which is good.

Well I'm finally almost done with my VHS tapes. I have so many and I could not re-use them because I had no idea what was on them. I've scanned through almost all of them, and now I have a lot of blank tapes.

Well I have came up with an idea for my web site, no one knows what I have in mind, I'm putting a lot of work into it, but it's not 100% original. I am getting my graphics from other sites, and re-arranging them on my page. I hope it will look good. So far in the period of 30 minutes I wrote out the whole table. It's almost ready for me to insert the graphics, which that is another story. It will be hard to make the pictures align. But I'm sure I can do it.
Monday, May 7th, 2001
10:33 pm
Well, I missed a few days here. I haven't been feeling so great these past few days. I have no idea what is going on. I'll just wait it out. I've been feeling very cold since Saturday, I usually keep my house quite warm, my place is heated by hot water passing in the basement, the "heating coil" is inside a forced air type system. When the landlord has the heat on the pipes that run in the basement keep the floors warm and the walls warm as well even if the fan isn't on. but the turned off the boilers Friday, which means now that there is no heat here, I know in a few weeks I'll be wishing for my house to be cool but right now I'm cold. I can't seem to be able to eat properly, I try, but I just feel sick after eating. And then I feel weak.

I got in from work today, I sat in my bed and read more HTML, and then I fell asleep, I woke up 2 hours later. I usually go to bed at 12 but it's not 10:30 and I'm going to bed.

I should be fine in a few days.
Thursday, May 3rd, 2001
11:23 pm
tonight I did as millions probably did as well, I watched survivor, I thought Colby was going to win, just because he fought so hard to get to the end, but Tina snuck in to the end very well, Way to go Tina, congrats.

So the next survivor looks like it's in a cool place. I'd love to be on that show, even if I got voted off first, Yes that would be discouraging, but the mere fact of making it to the show would be an honor. Too bad I'm a Canadian, we don't get to go to those shows.

Today was another boring day at work, and when I got home all I did really is just go through some more video cassettes, Ya know when you have a VCR you tend to record stuff, not label the tape and forget about it, the thing is I have 95 video cassettes, and I want to clear all of them. most of them are star trek. I have the whole star trek voyager series on tape and in the proper order. The whole series is on like 14 tapes.

Well that's it for tonight. Tomorrow is D&D night. I think this will be session 4. I'm slowly learning the game, I like it though, it's alot of fun.
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2001
11:28 pm
Today was an ok day, When I left work I had my work queue down to 9 requests which almost all 9 are set to "pending customer" I arrive at work today at 10:30 to find my queue increased to 55. What a jump. I have to run audits at work tomorrow to try to reduce that number.
I arrived at work later this morning because I had a doctor's appointment, Nothing serious, just a little "cosmetic" procedure on my back. Let's just right now it hurts quite a bit. It should be good in a few days, the problem I will have will be to remove the bandage. Last time I checked I was not double jointed and I don't think my cats can be of help.

I went to my usual Wednesday wing night outing, but no one showed up, Oh well I had a chance to read up more on HTML. Once I dream up a design I can start creating. HTML actually looks interesting.

I'm surprised, today is the first day in 1 month that my cable modem didn't go down, could it be that they actually fixed the problem, Nah I doubt it very much, probably just less traffic because today was such a beautiful hot sweaty day.
Tuesday, May 1st, 2001
9:58 pm
Another day another post
Today was quite uneventful, got up went to work, came home.
I chatted with C a bit today. well it seems as though she likes me, which is a good thing, but I don't see how she could possibly like me. After all I have been pestering her to meet me. I made a decision tonight though. It was either keep asking her to meet me and probably make her mad and loose any chance I have of ever meeting her, or just be friends and when she decides that she wants to meet me then we'll meet.

I cleaned the kitchen tonight, I really should move the stove and fridge and wash the floors under there, but I'll wait until the weekend.
I also watched my star trek, it was good, the show is almost at it's end. Can't wait to see what the next series will be.

Like I said, uneventful today.
Monday, April 30th, 2001
9:41 pm
Well I'm doing good here, writing in every day.

Today went well at work, This afternoon I was actually able to sit back a bit and relax. I have all my requests up to date all I'm waiting for is the customers to call me back. so basically just wait for the phone to ring.

On another note, I read C's journal just to see that the reason she has been doing what she's been doing is because she is not ready to meet me or anyone new for that matter. The thing is that I like her just the way she is, which is why I want to meet her so much. I send her messages but she doesn't reply, I call her but she has no time to talk, she says she'll call me back and she doesn't. I think it is possible she doesn't want me to talk to her at all, but if this is so why doesn't she just tell me ? On the other hand if that is not the problem then what is? I wish she would just tell me as it is , straight to the point. I don't know if I soul be seeing something here or not, they say love is blind, but is it love? I don't think so, well not yet at lease, I guess I'm persistent because I like her, she is very pretty, and she is very nice, that is when she talks to me. Who knows what the future holds. Only time will tell.

Current Mood: confused
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